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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tropical storm. right now iselle is hitting the big island and moves north to maui and oahu. the wind is heavy and creating problems including a power outage at a water treatment planned in maui and a storm surge causing flooding on the big island and massive waves along the coast. take a live look at waikiki beach in honolulu waiting for its share of the storm. the streets are quiet astome people got their supplies and they moved in to try to just stay safe. in the meantime, so many hotels and resorts in the area have been bracing for the storms knowing well in advance they were headed their way. bringing in food and supplies for the travelers that are there in the big island right now. they have had considerable warning for this tropical storm now headed their way.
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the streets are quiet and it's because the tropical storm has been downgraded, there could be flooding. let's check in with jennifer who leaves our coverage live in honolulu. >> it is just past 3:00 a.m. here in hawaii. although the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it is still producing damaging winds and moving onshore in hilo. >> a big storm blowing into the big island followed bia second that is ratcheted up to a category three hurricane. before iselle even touched hawaii's shores, they flooded the tide pools on the eastern tips as people made runs to carry them over. >> we ran out of gas. we got what we got. >> they have run out of two grades of gas, many stations are offering premium and regular prices if that's all they have
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left. >> for us what have been through it before, i went through hurricane iwa. you have to keep the car running. >> we are good to go. no worries. now i have gas. >> after all the preps were done, it was time to wait it out and hope. this hilo town desserted and waiting for the skies to clear until first light. we won't know how hilo fares. and we are getting reports of damaged trees down and flooding. minor things from hilo. again, it is the middle of the night so we won't know until first light how they came through it. what's going on over there. we are getting a little bit in honolulu and at times it's pretty severe. live in honolulu, back to you. >> hope everyone fares okay. >> rob is tracking the
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hurricanes here in our studio. let's check in with him. >> the storm weakened to iselle. 60 mile per hour winds, but they moved to the west at about 9 miles per hour. honolulu with wind gusts and winds up to 24. the storm is tracking across the southeast coast of the big island for volcanoes national park. kona on the westside and looping around the tip of the island. close to where we think it is coming ashore. a slow speed of the storm, it's possible the hilltops on the windward or the east facing side of the big island could pick up 10 to 20 inches of rain. looking at the eyewall with to seven inches per hour to slow it down and keeping the fire hose of water in on the big island longer. the flooding will be the big problem as it tracks away and during the day, it will stay to
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the south of those other islands. kauai, oahu and maui. julio did ramp up to category 3. a much stronger storm and that tracks looks to curve away from the big island and most of the hawaiian islands themselves. we hope that path continues to take that storm away from the hawaiian islands. we will have traffic in a couple of minutes. >> mike is actually on the big island right now. >> this was supposed to be a vacation, but she constantly updating us. here's a picture. he just shared with us a couple of minutes ago, this was the view from the hotel. you can just make out the water and the palm trees. so far, so good. it's calm and reasonably dry. >> you can see the storms boarding up windows and putting up signs.
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he was able to stock up on cases of storms. some other items were running out. >> we went to a local store and got a case of water and it was readily available with this premade sandwiches. the counter was bare. all the shelves were bare. if i let my kids, they had plenty of cake. those shelves were full. the restaurants in the hotel, instead of having the restaurants they intended to have open, they created a buffet. the hotel staff seems to be aware and they feel confident that they are prepared. >> mike is on the northwest side and he should get the brunt of that storm. >> he can still bring us chocolate macadamia nuts. posting updates from her
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honeymoon of all things in maui. you can follow her on twitter. her shnl handle is -- >> last night at the intersection of stanford avenue and raymundo way. live in that area, police have a description of the man they are looking for. >> fortunately this woman did get a good look at him. this is of course a lot of interest here this morning at the district. hikers are coming out to a popular spot asking us what happened and was the woman okay? from what we gathered, she is okay. you can imagine this was a traumatic experience. she told police she was groped by a man around 6:15 about a block away from where we are staying. she got a look at him to get the detailed description. he's a white man in his mid 20s,
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tall, about 6'3" and a thin build and a tattoo with with writing on it and she was not able to identify and he was walkinga i gray pit bulldog. this was around 6:17 last night about a block away from the entrance to this hiking trail. he continued on down stanford avenue. at the time he was wearing a light blue shirt with blue jeans and stanfort's department of public safety would love to hear from you if this man sounds familiar or you witnessed anything last night. you might recall last week palo alto police arrested this man. this is a 58 yore old man who hugged and kissed a woman about a month ago. she approached another woman and tried to sit down next to her on the bench, but he walked away. there was no physical contact this that incident.
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that man was arrested and they are now looking for the other man in his 20s who groped a woman and down that way. if you have information again, police want to hear from you. coming up within the hour, we spoke with hikers to get their reaction and a couple of women will have their reaction coming up. live here at stanford, today in the bay. >> thank you. >> 6:08, caltrans closing one of four boards this weekend. the left most on the eastbound lanes will be shut down at 8:00 for maintenance work. this is video of previous construction. they said it will be just like the good old days before it was completed last year. set back in memory lane. by sunday, it could take them until monday morning. >> let's check the microclimate
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forecast as we look outside at san francisco and the transamerica pyramid. rob is in for christine loren in hawaii. >> we are seeing typical starts to a summer day in san francisco. the low clouds and misty skies and temperatures in the low 60s around san francisco. much pay low clouds and the fog has pushed all the way in to parts of the north bay valleys. down into san jose, patches of low clouds. the weather center will be low clouds from the morning and drizzle and a few spots. clearing to hazy sunshine inland. it is a classic bay area pattern where you can go 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. take your pick and you will find all of them for you if you leave morgan hill to santa cruz. things will change as high pressure weakens and an area of low pressure forms off the coast and could scoop more moisture
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out of the south that may increase humidity on sunday and possibly bring enough moisture to get the thundershowers closer to the north bay by late sunday into monday. stay tuned in the weekend forecast. temperatures not changing a lot, but the humidity may be coming up early. near 90 in morgan hill. 60s closer to san francisco. 80 to near 90 in livermore and the temperatures going through the weekend looking like that. we will see the temperatures staying mild as we go through the upcoming weekend and we will be watching the traffic times. the east bay commute getting southbound at crow canyon. a about the of an accident there and we will be tracking both with a full update in a few minutes. back to you. >> we have breaking news. the u.s. has just launched air strikes as promised in iraq. we have a live report coming up next. >> we also have a live look outside close to the bay here in the south bay this morning so the cloud cover is keeping us
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cool. a look at the morning commute and the weather and all the day's news. 6:10 right now.
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the u.s. has just dropped bombs on iraq. we are tracking the latest from the newsroom. >> we can tell you that these are no joke. these are 500 pound bombs dropped by two navy fighter jets. the president said he couldn't stand by and watch american lives endangered. this turned from a humanitarian
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crisis to a military situation. two 500 pound bombs are targeted attacks on a mobile team. that is where they have been work i working and the decision came grant said as the commander in chief of the u.s. central command. this will be a direct action and they are threatening facilities here. this has been a humanitarian crisis. the president promises that this would not turn into another war. we are gathering more details and this is a fast developing situation. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. the world health organization
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declared the outbreak to be a public health emergency. they said the outbreak will require an extraordinary response to stop it from spreading. it started in march and killed nearly 1,000 people. in the u.s., the centers for disease control is already elevated. they warn people against traveling to west africa. they contacted ebola and are being treated at a hospital. >> the murder trial for sprinter oscar pistorius are in the final hours as lawyers deliver closing arguments. he shot and killed his girlfriend in his home and in court his lawyer claimed police tampered with evidence by moving certain items as they were investigating. he said he shot her on valentine's day because he thought she was an intruder. also this morning, french inarrest
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inarrest -- investigators said the aircraft had lot of speed and height before the final plunge. the plane went down july 24th on the way to al jers. french officials said they believe bad weather was the reason. >> the malaysian government taking over malaysia airlines to restructure the struggling company. the company that already owns a majority of the airline announced it would buy out shareholders thrd to overhaul the business. the airline struckled after a flight disappeared over the indian ocean and the flight from amsterdam shot down over eastern ukraine. >> time to check the traffic forecast as we give you a look outside from the south bay overlooking --
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>> we're do have more clouds and we watch around san jose and mist and some of those low clouds. the coast for you this morning, you will find that on the highway 17 commute from santa cruz into the south bay. off to the west see see temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s outside. we will see low clouds and fog probably through about 9:00 or 10:00 across the inner bay. around lunchtime and later on this afternoon at the threat of the microclimates with 60s and 70s near the coast and 80s to near 90. out by livermore and close to 90 degrees. the forecast is near 82 and san jose is 60s, closer to san
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francisco. across the city, about 75. we will see low 80s around santa rosa and san raphael. livermore is close to 90 degrees. notice here santa rosa and livermore towards monday. those are from the hill tops and a slight chance of thundershowers. moisture back up out of the south. a couple of events to check out over the next few days. summerfest should be nice and comfortable. low 80s through the weekend and the outside land's music festival will see low clouds. we will see the low clouds and misty skies over the next couple of mornings. around the east bay, this along 24 eastbound at broadway. we have an accident that is slowing things down on the east bay commute. back around the peninsula, the central lane blocked by debris. watch out for that. 101 at 280. trivalley travel times starting
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to slow down a bit approaching the interchange and a check of our skycam ra, 1 where are 1 at willow road looking okay. 101 travel times there right on schedule. the bay bridge toll plaza showing the metering lights turned on with a lot of traffic and low clouds towards san francisco. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> secret service agent his to deal with a pint size security breech. >> a toddler slipped through a fence last night. officers say they were going to wait until the boy learned to talk to question him about the incident, but they opted for a time out and took him back to his family. >> remember the picture of bill clinton? maybe this totaler will be president. >> 6:19 and calling all hipsters to golden gate park. >> it is a great lineup. hopefully you have tickets. let's look outside.
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golden gate bridge. it's free to walk or run across that. maybe it's a great weekend to check it out. more news ahead. stick around.
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we have breaking news.
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the u.s. reporting they have conducted an air strike. approximately 3:45 this morning, two aircraft dropped bombs and the military said that's where the terrorists were using artillery to shell forces defending an area where personnel are locationed. the president himself authorizing the strike. we will have a live report in about ten minutes. >> 6:23 and look at the city by the bay. we look outside along the embarcadero and you can make out alcatraz island in the distance. >> you have the silicon valley showing the popular music festival outside land that kicks off to start the day. there live this morning. this is the fourth year in a row that tickets sold out in like 24
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hours, right? >> that's right. good morning, laura and scott. the fourth year in a row the tickets sold out. the first time it sold out in 24 hours. you can see it's going for this music and arts festival. it is quiet and you have the security guard there. they are all staff members and it will be a different scene when the gates open at 11:00 this morning. growing from the first year in 2008. last year the likes of paul mccartney and nine-inch nails. all headlining. kanye west kicking off tomorrow and tom pety and the heartbreakers and mclemore and and -- macklemore. it does bring in money for the area. according to a san francisco study, it showed it brought in over $60 million to local businesses. it created 683 equivalent jobs and grown since then.
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something special is the u.s. postal service will honor the legendary singer janice joplin with this limited edition. more than 180,000 people in attendance during the three days. parking is very limited. they will be providing extra busses and offering schultz service from the auditorium to golden gate park from 11:00 in the morning to sunday. a three-day pass is $45. back here live, we will look at the signs here at the entrance. a list of what you cannot bring in. a large backpack and glass containers and cans and picnic baskets and large coolers. in terms of how to get here veterans day, one way to go is bicycles. complimentary bike valley service here at the festival. that will be nice for folks coming here. rob has been saying layer up.
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this is golden gate park and san francisco got the fog that will be coming in. prepare for that.d time here. live at golden gate park, today in the bay. >> even the guards are damping. it is a big day in the stadium. >> several events are happening. fans will be able to get the first inside look at the new digs. public tours kickoff at 9:00 this morning. now run all year long. they sold out and team officials say that's less this month. >> think you will be able to see the state-of-the-art museum? that features left side action figures as well as interactive exhibits that let you super impose yourself over the team phot photos. you can participate in the scouting combine. >> while you are there, you can check out the bourbon steak and pub. it's a new restaurant owned by chefs michael mina.
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you can have a great steak and it's a great place to relax and enjoy the game. the fans are set to be excited to get in there. 6:26 and storms bearing down on hawaii. we will interrupt christina's honeymoon and get an update from maui. >> they have the rest of their lives to be together. let's look at the radar. tropical storm iselle has certainly weakened, but there is a massive threat of flooding now. we will talk to christina live in moments.
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. we are learning more about an air strike on islamic militants in iraq. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. she has been monitoring the latest from chris. >> this comes a day after president obama threatened isis
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with air strikes and the military has dropped two 500 pound bombs. these are laser-guided bombs dropped by fighter jets in response to what the president said are threats. it has been three years since they removed u.s. forces from the ground in iraq. this bomb dropping comes hours after the u.s. dropped 8,000 meals and 5,000 gallons of water to iraqi are who are starving and trapped on a mountain top threatened with death by islamic militants. in his steven from the white house, the president announced that the air strikes were authorized. the president did call john boehner before ordering this action and the president said it would not turn into another war. despite the bombs dropped, the president vowed in a statement after he told us he authorized them that the soldiers will not
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set foot in iraq and the u.s. will not be driven to fight in another war in iraq. there is no military solution in iraq. this is in an effort to protect u.s. personnel and facilities near the city. >> more breaking news right now. iselle weakened to a tropical storm as she made landfall on hawaii's big island. they have been stocking up on gas and going out to get groceries ahead of the storm hitting. a live look at honolulu which is fairly calm at this hour. it being looks like it will escape the heaviest part of the storm. that's in maui. her wedding on the beach was
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sunny and lovely. the honeymoon could be stormy. she volunteered to be live for us from hawaii. >> we are excited to see her. let's check in with christina. she is live via skype in maui. you are well-prepared. overall i have to say we are in a good position here. i would not want to be on the big island. the soerm is significantly slowing down and as it continues, it's going to dump rain on the big island. flooding is going to be a big factor. my main concern is julio, this next system that is days out. these tropical cyclones in general can shift gears and take a big swoop in just a matter of time. i have to say iselle so far ended up right where we were expecting her to. just made landfall in the last
6:33 am
sit together. it was making landfall as we were speaking. everybody here is a little bit on edge especially those who brought young children with them. i feel bad for the brides who had weddings scheduled for today and tomorrow. those will be canceled. when you are putting together a plan to get to hawaii, you are doing so months in advance. this is something people have been looking forward to all summer. a lot of people from the bay area come out here and a lot of disappointments and that's the first time a tropical storm has ever made landfall on the big island. this is the other half of the team. despite that you pointed out
6:34 am
storms from that magnitude that have never hit hawaii like that. how is everyone prepared where you are? >> i'm happy where i am. where i am here at the royalula hypa, they are giving out advisories every 24 hours. we know where we need to go if we are evacuated. they are nervous too. we can see downstairs emergency personnel bringing in medical supplies and everybody is just preparing. i think the one, two punch is the biggest scare. the ground is going to get saturated with rain and we will have the next round of whipping winds from julio. things are definitely going to get worse before they get better. we are bracing for the brunt of the storm as we head throughout the next few hours and will be pretty bad here for most of the day. >> we want to brace the audience for juan.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, mr. and mrs. bella. my name now is mrs. bella. unfortunately i have to go. >> hopefully you@m%11 get a chance to enjoy your honeymoon. in a million. >> mr. wonderful. >> that's right. >> he's the lucky one. have a great time. >> christina is live in maui. thank you ever so much. let's check in with rob who has been tracking the storms as he continues our coverage. >> as christina mentioned, the storm is packing a big punch for parts of the big island. the speed has showed down and the storm speed is west at 11.
6:36 am
some gusts in the 60s on the southern half of the big island. on the southern half, you see the showers wrapping around back into maui and oahu. a slow mover to the rest of the hawaiian islands. the next storm system is the stronger of the two. this is hurricane julio with wins up to 120. the track for now has been insistent on kurk the storm up and away. besides gusty winds at times and the surf at maui, looks like the second for now. we hope this pans out and stays up to the north. low clouds and fog and mist in parts of the bay area. including in san francisco for you this morning. partly cloudy skies by midday
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and climbing into the 80s and near 90 and on the coast 60s and 70s. same pattern for the weekend. upper 60s for san francisco and temperatures near 75 in oakland. santa rosa about 81. livermore close to 90. it will be the trivalley thing and the heat for today. tomorrow cooling and we will see temperatures dropping off more early next week as more clouds begin to spill in. out towards the eastbound 24 at broadway, we had an incident that has cleared up and travel times back in the green. northbound 101 and the central lane has been bought. we will keep you updated and that has road debris and the center lane. lights on at the toll plaza. you can see the low clouds here too. slowing now northbound as they begin to pick up at fremont
6:38 am
coming towards you. no incidents so far there at the mile. we will be tracking weather and traffic. another update in a couple of minutes. >> 6:37. how the markets are faring. >> we will take to the skies to show you how the spaceship campus is coming along as well.
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>> 6:40 and welcome back with the new york stock exchange. ever so slightly and lots of world news beginning to affect stocks. >> at the cupertino headquarters, it starts to take shape. >> check out the image ported on the website recently. you can see the outline of the so-called spaceship. >> the ground is broken for the 2.8 million building. they did that in november. apple hoping to have the whole thing completed by 2016. >> 6:41 and am can be up on breaking news, the u.s. launched air strikes in iraq. we will have a live report next. live team coverage on the tropical storm. coming up.
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>> we are tracking two breaking news stories this morning. the first, the u.s. launched an air strike in iraq a few hours ago. two u.s. fighter jets dropped bombs on islamic militants. president obama authorized such a strike last night when the group advanced where the military trainers are stationed. today in the bay's chris sanchez gathered new information and she will have a live update in minutes. >> our other story. a direct hit in hawaii. right now tropical storm iselle is ripping through the big island with winds up to 70 miles
6:45 am
per hour. the hurricane is right on its tail. it will move north to maui and oahu. the big threat is all the heavy rains and flooding. >> power outages and water treatment plant in maui as well. a storm surge with flooding and massive waves along the coast. >> take a look at waikiki beach waiting for its share of the storm. people are out and about this morning. we want to check in with jennifer. we will check in with her in a moment. we have team coverage of the storm. it is packing the radar. let's start out with jennifer live in honolulu. >> reporter: hi, laura and scott. it has been a wild night. a lot of things happening much the wind comes up with the rain and it's so hard that it ends upsetting off car alarms and
6:46 am
things go blowing by. then someone will walk by with a surfboard and a towel in the middle of the night. they are hunkering down, but to a point. this is a little bit of a laid back state of hawaii. in hilo where iselle made landfall, it's about a half hour ago. that is a very different scene. the same winds and damaging winds there that are under a hurricane warning even though it's downgraded to a tropical storm. it is still very much a concern as is julio tracking to the north at a category three status. >> jennifer, you said very normal activities there. is there any police asking people to get off streets or it's not that serious on the island where you are? >> where we are, there still tourists coming in and the
6:47 am
hotels are welcoming them. they are expecting potential for flooding up to a foot of rain could come down in up country and down the canyons and meet up with the storm surge. they are sandbagging and that kind of thing, but they are trying to keep it as normal as possible. they have generators in the resorts on maui and here in honolulu and hawaii. there is a lot of recreation going on. people were out surfing off waikiki beach here in honolulu. >> live in hawaii, meanwhile rob is tracking the returns right here in our studio. rob? >> iselle has weakened considerably compared to 24 hours ago. moving more slowly off to the west. you see the wind speeds here in honolulu near waikiki. winds in the 28 to 30 mile per hour range and sustained around the big i land. you are talking about it bearing the brunt of the action for you.
6:48 am
crossing inland on the southern area near volcanoes national park near the big island of hawaii. the rain projections based on the forward speed of the storm, the area in the orange and yellow indicating in the next ten hours, we will pick up at least 12 to 15 inches of rain that matches up with the radar. that went looking down on the eyewall and rates of up to 5 to 7 inches per hour. the problem here at hilo, all that rain will come down the harrow canyons that feed out to the beaches which will lead to mud and rock slides on highway 19 from the west of the island. the latest on iselle. this will track away from the big island. next up is hurricane julio. winds of 120 miles per hour, but that storm should track we think further to the north. it's possible we could see
6:49 am
tropical storm force winds in parts of the northern islands. kauai or aoahu. >> mike is on the big island right now. >> that's right. it was supposed to be a vacation, but she updating us. here's a new picture he shared with us. this is a view from his hotel room. still very dark out. he said so far it looks calm and dry. >> this is the crew at the hotel. he took a picture packing up beach chairs so they don't become projectiles in the winds. >> sandbags outside elevator doors. we talked to mike overnight and he said he feels safe. >> as far as the structure goes, i feel safe. the building is concrete. i'm on the fourth flood and i don't expect flooding. the exterior wall is a sliding glass door, and we are ocean
6:50 am
front. we are concerned for our safety. above and beyond, we will show appreciation for the staff that is staying out here. they are giving up time with their family for the comfort and the safety of our families. it's their home at risk. >> we should point out, mike is on the northwest side of the island. they made landfall overnight. we shouldn't get the brunt of the storm. >> mike is sharing his experience on twitter. you can follow him for new updates whether it's hawaii or when he returns. you can get good traffic reports. christina is posting updates from her honeymoon in maui. follow her as well. back to our other breaking news stories, the u.s. launched an air strike against militants in iraq. chris sanchez is monitoring the latest from the newsroom. >> this comes a day after the
6:51 am
president threatened isis with air strikes. the military dropping two 500 pound bombs. they were dropped by two fighter jets which is a strategically important city that serves as the kurdish capital and you can see it is north of baghdad hours after the u.s. dropped 8,000 meals and 5,000 gallons of water to starving iraqis who are fleeing isis. they are fearing for their lives as isis militants conducted mass killings elsewhere. from the white house last night, the president announced the air strikes were authorized to protect lives and facilities and put an end to the humanitarian crisis. >> when the lives of american is thes are at risk, we will take action. >> these people are a military threat. this is like 9/11. >> that is the former ambassador to iraq.
6:52 am
after the president did call house speaker boehner before ordering the military action which the president promised would not turn into another war. despite the two 500 pound bombs dropped, he vows in a statement last night that the u.s. soldiers will not set foot in iraq and the u.s. will not be dragged into fighting another war because there is no military solution to what's happening there. scott? >> thank you. >> 6:52 and for the second time in recent weeks, police are looking for a groper accused of attacking a woman near the university. the latest happened near the intersection of stanford avenue and raymundo way a few blocks away from a popular hiking trail. live with the latest on that investigation. good morning. >> good morning to you. a woman who was groped last night was fortunately able to get a good look at her attacker and able to put out this detailed description. he is a white man in his mid
6:53 am
20s. he is tall, about 6'3". thin build and short hair and light beard. he had a tattoo on his right arm and writing on it. she was not able to identify that and he was walking a great pit bull. he groped this woman around 6:15 near stanford avenue and raymundo way. not far from where we are at. he then continued on down stanford avenue and at the time was wearing a light blue shirt with blue jeans. >> it's scary because when i come sometimes it's darker than this. i always have a buddy. i will from now on. >> i'm out here in the dark in the winter and i feel comfortable. we live where we are lucky. be careful and cautious as we move along. >> you think last night was an
6:54 am
aberration? >> i hope so. >> you might recall police arrested this 58-year-old man for allegedly hugging and kissing a woman at the park about a month ago. police say he approached another woman to see if she was married or had a boyfriend and tried to sit next to her on a bench, but she walked away. you have to 58-year-old man that police arrested. you have this man and woman, a white man in his 20s. the incidence are not related. they are still trying to find the man groping a woman at stanford and this happening around 6:15 not far from the hiking trail entrance. live here in stanford, today in the bay. >> hope it brings awareness. 6:54 right now. less than 24 hours after being released from jail, the woman who tries to sneak back on planes is back behind bars. she was caught despite an order to stay away from the airport. on monday, marilyn made it past
6:55 am
the document check point and boarded a plane to lax even though she did not have a ticket. she was arrested after landing in l.a. she pleaded no contest to trespassing and released and directed to a homeless shelter. instead she tried to sneak back on to a plane at lax. she said she is homeless and desperate. >> it's a tragic system. this woman who obviously needs quite a bit of care and help, but she continues to avoid it. you can't keep someone in a homeless shelter against their will. >> the woman is not new to this. she made at least seven attempts to board planes without tickets at sfo, resulting in four arrests. >> the 49ers are preparing to be without alden smith for a long time. they confirmed the commissioner yesterday.
6:56 am
that has to do with the runins with the law. they are expected to be disciplined by the league and comcast sportsnet reports he could be suspended from 6 to eight games. last month smith was sentenced to serve 11 days on a work crew after pleading no contest to dui charges. it is 6 time 56 and time to check the local microclimate forecast. in downtown san jose, that's a nice start to friday morning. >> that's a bad start. >> right? >> we have low clouds in parts of the bay area. patches of low clouds and misty skies to wake up to around san francisco for the morning. this is the view of the bay bridge toll plaza. a bit of an accident and the traffic report coming up. 60 in san jose and over towards the north bay, 57 degrees where the fog is trying to break up
6:57 am
towards livermore. a few patches of low clouds that give way to hazy sunshine towards the afternoon. high pressure for the valleys and the sunshine and the warm temperatures. things look interesting late in the weekend. stay tuned as an area of low pressure approaches the coast late in the day on sunday. that will draw moisture out of the south and as has been the story for july, we could see moisture possibly bringing a chance of showers to the north bay hilltops. perhaps on late sunday into monday. today near 82 degrees. should see 70 around foster city and 80 degrees. san francisco in the upper 60s and into the north bay. in danville and close to 90 today in livermore. checking the morning commute as we watch what should have been friday light. eastbound 80 and the straights there, the lane blocked as you make that approach to the heights.
6:58 am
that is eastbound 80. a bit of an accident there. you can see the travel times switching over to the red at 20 miles per hour or less. a crash with the approach westbound and the view from ground level shows right before you get to the toll plaza, we are having the crash and you need extra time as you head on your way to san francisco this morning. back to you. >> 6:58 and a check of the day's top stories, the military dropped two 500 pound bombs in iraq. they are in response to threats on u.s. personnel and facilities. the president authorized the air strikes last night and he maintains the u.s. will not be dragged into fighting another war. >> we now know when we learn the fate of oscar pistorius. a south african judge announced she will read her murder verdict on september 11th, guilty or not guilty. pistorius insisted he killed his
6:59 am
girlfriend by accident. >> strong winds and heavy rains to the big island. overnight the storm was downgraded and the island is not in the clear yet as a stronger storm is not far behind. >> also happening today, the outside festival start fog san francisco. here's a live look at golden gate park where organizers are putting the final touches on the venue of the huge crowd expected. >> here are a look at the headliners today. kanye west. this is the fourth year the festival has sold out and they said they told out in 24 hours. organizers are asking people to take advantage of public transit since parking will be limited. you can ride your bike, but you have to keep it outside. the festival will run through sunday. the killers and tom pety and
7:00 am
macklemore. that's what's happening today in the bay. we will have a live look. >> join us for the bay area news at 11:00. >> have a great weekend too. good morning. breaking news. air strikes in iraq. this morning, the united states has dropped laser-guided bombs on islamic militants. the first time the u.s. military has engaged in iraq since troops left three years ago. iselle roars ashore, but hurricane julio is/a dangerous track. this is it. oscar pistorius closing arguments. now the case is in


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